The lose of the teeth is not only this loss but it is the loss of your every day smile, the shape of your face and the ease of chewing food and speaking. The lose of teeth could affect you in number of ways but fortunately there are dentures available in the market to help you restore the quality of your life. The dentures are suitable for everyone since these come in different variety and could be used even if someone has partial teeth loss. However, these may not be as comfortable as the original teeth but still these do all the jobs of the original teeth. Not only are these effective but these are also cheap as compared to the dental implants. 

There are mainly two kinds of the dentures. The first is the partial dentures. These are used where there is only a few teeth loss which could either be one or more than one. The partial dentures could either be fixed or removeable. The fixed partial denture is the denture implant which is more expensive than the one which is removable. The second kind is the full dentures. This the denture that covers the entire teeth and if you have lost most of your teeth but still there are some teeth left then the dentist Wheelers Hill will advise you to have the complete dentures which are placed over the original teeth. 

The dentures once bought need not to be replaced for a longer period of time but yes these need to be maintained well if you want to increase their durability. The average life period of the dentures are around 10 years but you need to make sure that you clean your dentures on daily basis. Brush these and put it on the clean place because healthy and clean dentures are good for your oral health. Take care of these as you would for your own teeth so that the dentures maintain their spark till the end and do not fade out and go dull.

Not only having the dentures help you in chewing, speaking and smiling but these are good for your oral health since the space and the gap which is created by the missing tooth is the home for the bacteria and the germs and then it is very difficult to get rid of these since even brushing may not be able to remove these. Therefore, dentures keep these gaps covered for a longer period of time and this is how it stays clean. It is important that you take off your dentures every night and clean your entire mouth.