MS is like many other deadly diseases, in which the cause is still unknown. However, many doctors and researchers have found out some common origins of the MS but still it cannot be said with certainty that these are the original causes. Since the intensity of the MS increases very rapidly therefore, the doctors have very less window to identify what actually triggered the MS in the human body. Although, this disease is severe and could lead towards the disabling of entire body and due to this reason, medical researchers are still researching to identify the causes for it.

Since MS is categorized as the autoimmune disease in which the immune system of the body attacks the body instead of defending it and since not only the immune system of the body is shut down which means that any disease could attack the body but the immune system itself has become a source of fatal disease. Even with such information, the doctors are not able to see what could be the reasons that the MS is caused in one person and not in other. As far as now they are only able to say that some genetics and environmental factors cause the MS.

However, there are some factors which could increase the risk of the MS in body and if you are doing that and suffer from MS then it might be possible that it was triggered by it. The age is a contributing factor in the MS. Although, patients of MS could belong to any age but it has been observed that the people above the age of 55 are more commonly suffered from this disease. Another observation is that women suffer from the MS much more than the men. There is a ration of two and sometimes three to one.  Another contributing factor is the genetics which means that if someone in your family have had the MS then the chances that you inherit the disease are likely. One other observation also tells that the MS is more commonly seen in the white people and the countries where the climate is temperate whereas people who are Asian or African are very less likely to suffer from this disease since the environmental factors also play role in this disease. apart from this the deficiency of the vitamin D could also trigger this disease and various other MS autoimmune disease such as the thyroid and the other diabetes could also increase the risk of suffering from MS. Smoking is considered to be another reason for the MS.